Why Do Women Want to be Slim?

Getting a sexier body is women’s ultimate dream. In fact, many of them are obsessed with their weight and want to sustain a thinner physique. There are lots of reasons accompanied by it, and we are going to discuss it here.

Looking slim does not only boost a woman’s confidence but also makes her appear much attractive and presentable. Together with a diet regimen, clothes also play a significant role in improving one’s total appearance. The correct fashion will add up greater impact to a slimmer appearance, but an incorrect clothing will just make a girl look fat.

Here are some tips of the right clothing to wear for those women aspiring to look thin and maintain their body image:

o Wear only one solid color to sustain a good appeal.

o Keep your outline look shiny and plain.

o Pick a pair of tailored trousers that are cut a little too long for you and add very high heels.

o Wear flat-fronted, boot-cut trousers having a side zip. Never choose pleated fronts and flaps on pockets.

o Know that A-line skirts give a slim appearance and function even better if they are cut on the bias. Inverted pleats too give you a thinner shape.

o A tailored jacket must have skinny sleeves placed high in the arm-hole. Do not use raglan sleeves.

o Pick a jacket that doesn’t button precisely on the waist, just slightly above or underneath is the best.

o A jacket or trousers with vertical stripes is a good choice as it adds those extra inches.

o Make sure to wear socks or pop socks with the same hue as the trousers you are wearing.

For those who want to know some exercises to get slimmer, here are some exercises to firm and tighten butt.

1. Squats- This is a great exercise that will help shape your glutes and upper thighs. To do a squat you would assume you are going to sit down on a chair, with feet shoulder width apart, knees bent and hold weights at your side.

2. Dead lift (single leg)- This exercise is intended to work on your balance. To do a squat you would assume as if you are going to sit down on a chair, with feet shoulder width apart, knees bent and hold weights at your side. You may stand on one leg and sustain your bending knee.

3. Lunges- These are best for shaping the whole leg all the way up to your butt. You can perform what is called a walking lunge with weights or without. Once you are doing it with weights, you are going to hold the weights by your side and then walk.

A certain fact shows that girls want to eventually attractive to the people around them. They don’t want any feelings of embarrassment. This has verified to be true, especially now, by the rapid turnaround in women’s beauty criteria and the millions of women that do the transformation on how they appear to fit such standards.

This somehow speaks of a bigger issue at hand, implying how both men and women perceive a woman’s value. To be happy and healthy at the same time frequently takes a backseat to fit into forced beauty standards.