Know the Myths and Facts about Weight Loss Supplements

Do you fear by the use of weight loss supplements?

Most of you dream to shed those extra pounds just by popping a pill. Everyone wants a magic pill, which would take their weight away, without any diet or exercise. Well, this is an easy way, but this quick fix is not possible.

There are numerous products that claim to offer a lean and slim body by using colorful capsules. However, this is unacceptable, as with supplements, you have to use proper diet and exercise.

Following are common myths about diet supplements; learn the truth behind each myth, and you will unleash the way to a better and healthier path to lasting weight loss with a proper plan.

#1 MYTH: African herb ‘hoodia’ is an effective appetite suppressant

FACT: The researchers are unable to back up the claim whether hoodia can make it easy to skip dinner and save a few hundred calories. However, there is some anecdotal evidence about the herbs powers. People who have to travel long journeys in the desert can use hoodia to arrest their hunger. A compound called P57 is believed to be an active ingredient in hoodia.

Research says animal with P57 injected into their brains east less; the effect isn’t replicated in humans taking hoodia capsules. It hasn’t been studied in humans yet, and the safety and ability to stop hunger are mere guesses.

#2 MYTH: You don’t need to diet or exercise if you are taking a weight-loss supplement

FACT: Mostly the supplement’s label will tell that to shed a few pounds, you need to eat a healthy diet and have a workout regimen. Even if you consider the USA made peptides online – it should be thought of as a boost to diet and exercise, not as a replacement for either.

For taking supplements, you have to stick to a low-fat diet, or you may experience the use of some unpleasant side effects. Not all supplements behave the same way; however, this is possible in case of a supplement, for example, Alli. It keeps your gut from some fat you eat. So, if some people consume too much fat, then it is flushed through, and they can feel bloated. Taking it may require a change in your diet.

#3 MYTH: Green-tea supplements are helpful to burn fat

FACT: Green Tea extracts promote weight loss, but taking a green tea supplement or drinking cups of tea won’t produce the lasting weight loss.

The effect which is seen from the green tea is due to the caffeine; however, a compound called EGCG is on the way and will stimulate a cause to burn calories if it causes you to move more.

Green tea has an abundance of caffeine and if you are sensitive to caffeine, then steer clear of caffeine based supplements as too much of it can affect your heart rhythm and disturb your sleep.

#4 MYTH: Bitter orange is a safe substitute for ephedra

FACT: Bitter orange is similar to herb ephedra, but it is not a good thing. Ephedra is known to cause increased blood pressure and arrhythmias and was banned by FDA because of the high-profile deaths. Bitter orange has synephrine, which is similar to ephedrine, and according to experts, it carries the same risks like ephedra.

Many experts have protested that dangers of bitter orange are overblown, and the result you see may not be worth any risk at all. The research is inconclusive on the effectiveness of bitter orange for weight loss.

#5 MYTH: If the product from a recognized store, then it is safe for intake

FACT: Most of you don’t know that weight loss supplements aren’t approved or tested in the US. Americans feel that the government agency wouldn’t allow these products to be sold; before selling, these products should be tested for their safety and effectiveness, and shouldn’t prove dangerous to anyone. This is not true of dietary supplements.

According to a study, almost 54% of people, who had taken weight loss supplement, believed that FDA has approved the supplements for weight loss. Recently FDA has launched a list of supplements which are unsafe and are conducting research about it.

#6 MYTH: Natural weight-loss supplements don’t have any side effects

FACT: This is entirely false. If a supplement can cause positive effects, then surely it can even have side effects too.

If you want to use the natural way, then opt for the good you have to consume and the workout regime. There were many natural supplements, that received a lot of hype as a weight loss supplement, but the research is little about its effectiveness. For example, Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) may be useful in gaining more muscle mass and losing fat, but with alone diet and exercise can achieve that. If someone chooses a healthy diet, then CLA can be found in eggs, dairy products, and meat. So always remember that quality of total diet matters a lot.


There is nothing bad about using supplements, but make sure those are clinically tested by the FDA and are safe for you. Always consult a physician before opting them, so that you are aware of what you are consuming, and any reaction in future would prepare you to deal with it.