Factors for longevity

An interesting research study came out recently.


It is interesting as it studies longevity data starting in 1963! Not often do we have such 47 years of data to analyze, and with a population of 2,000 people of 50 years of age and older, this offers good significance in the results. So the question was what are the most potent factors to determine longevity. This is as close as it gets to the ‘Fountain of Youth’.

The population in question lives in a small European town and they were regularly followed from age fifty with a life and health questionnaire. Many lived to 90 and older, but some did not. Statistical analysis was conducted to determine what the survivors had in common that the people who died earlier were likely not to have. So here are the 7 main factors for living to 90 starting at 50.

1. Do not smoke
2. Consume moderate amounts of coffee
3. At a good socio-economic status at the age of 50 (measured in terms of housing costs)
4. Engaged in good physical working capacity at the age of 54
5. Low cholesterol at age 50
6. Low blood pressure
7. Good cardiorespiratory function

So what is so interesting?

Everybody knows smoking is bad for you, but it turns out it is the most important factor for living long. More surprisingly the second most important factor is to drink coffee moderately. Coffee has a positive effect but not if you drink too much of it!

Next is your socio-economic status. This general factor likely means that people with more money have the means to get appropriate medical treatment when needed. They are less expected to do dangerous work or to be exposed to various risk factors. They are probably more educated and more aware of what is good for your health. Also white collars smoke less than menial workers. So this factor in itself summarizes other true factor, as it is more of a secondary factor in itself. But it is revealing to see that this is an important factor for longevity.

Physical activity is not a surprise, so make sure to have a regular exercise schedule if you want to live long. Cholesterol as well is bad for you, follow your level every year and take action to lower it if needed. Likewise low blood pressure is good for you. And your overall cardiorespiratory condition matters too, but this factor somehow is a consequence of the other crucial factors, such as smoking (bad for the lungs) and having too much cholesterol (bad for the heart).

This study is not a revelation in itself as we could have guessed some of these factors, but the point here is that this is a statistical study that really pinpoints what matter the most if you want to live longer. And as you can control most of these factors, take action if you need to make sure all 7 factors are on your side.

What are the anti aging solutions available in the market?

It depends on the type of aging problem under consideration, and these fall under a few broad categories as listed below.

Aging skin: this is the leading area where people feel that they are aging and seek anti aging solutions to stop the skin from aging at an accelerated pace. Anti aging creams, lotions amps; moisturizers, wrinkle creams, anti aging masks, anti aging spa treatments, all are solutions for the skin.

Another area of aging more specific to men is hair loss, partial or complete balding. Unfortunately this predicament may affect women too. There are various solutions for that and the most efficient is to do some hair implant. Preventive techniques also exist, in particular with the use of special shampoos and vitamin preparations.
Another consequence of getting older is related to your mental capabilities.

Such issues range from mild memory loss to more severe illnesses like Alzheimer disease. One preventive solution is to do both physical and mental exercises on a continuous basis. There exist companies specialized for that. Indeed even physical exercise has been scientifically proven to have a positive anti-aging effect on our mental abilities.

More generally speaking, there is a branch of anti aging solutions dedicated to organic or natural products. Recent research has found that nature itself produces anti aging elements, and many people prefer to use that rather than the merchandise offered by the big pharmaceutical companies.

Some anti aging solutions relate to food and diet. As they say, you are what you eat. There are food and ingredients with pronounced anti aging effects, such as antioxidants. Smoking has the opposite effect and quitting smoking is a simple way to gain a few years in life expectancy.

As mankind has searched for the Fountain of Youth since Antiquity, anti aging is a large part of health research and solutions to satisfy demand. Novel methodologies are constantly discovered and you should stay attuned to be aware of the best solutions for anti aging issues.