About Me

I am Liz, and I’m a big believer that all women should feel beautiful and confident, and be appreciated by everyone. Not merely because of looks, but because of the entirety of the personality a woman possesses.

If there is one word to describe me it would be: Passambtive (Passionate, Ambitious, Creative).

I help heart-centered women out there, who aspire to become sexy in a wholesome way. I know for a fact that some women have been struggling on how to attain their ideal weight. They might have become obese, or that weight surpassed a little from normal.

I would like to reiterate that losing weight is just like an expedition made up of various healthy choices we make every day. Thus, I am here to facilitate and teach those aspiring women out there to have an active lifestyle and continue on that healthy path, step by step.

Please know that you’re not the only one who wants you to succeed in your journey to weight loss. I am committed to helping you meet your weight loss goals. I have been in this industry for some time now, and I want to share with you everything I know which will help you achieve your life-long dream.

It’s all in the approach, girl! I understand each phase of the weight loss process, from the excitement of losing your first ten pounds to the ever-growing self-confidence you feel as you approach the weight you aimed. I definitely get it – and I back it up with a systematically proven solution.

Yes, it takes much motivation to lose weight and become thin. I can fuel your drive with my personal experiences on my journey to a slimmer body. I am about providing support and inspiration.

Make the most of my weight loss regimen and resources and you will see the results – inside and out. You will feel more confident and have a brighter point of view.

FACT: If you’re skinny, you’re treated better.

Thinner girls have constantly had an opportunity and that’s just the reality!

So, let me help you change your life today.

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